How to use

Cell Phone or MP3?

Taking a Tour Anytime tour is easy. To get started, you'll need to decide whether you want to take a cell phone tour or an MP3 tour. Both tours contain the same content - the only difference is how you listen to the tour.

Select a Tour

Tour Anytime has a series of tours available and many in development. Browse the current list of tours and decide which tour you'd like to take.

Once you've selected a tour, click the "Download the tour brochure" link and download the PDF brochure. Print the brochure. The brochures contain everything you'll need to take your tour, including directions to the tour site and an illustrated tour map.

Purchase the Tour

Now that you have your tour brochure, you'll need to purchase the audio component of the tour. Click on the "Cell phone tour" or "MP3 tour" link, depending on how you'd like to listen to the tour. This link will take you to a page where you can purchase the tour online.

Take the Tour

If you've selected a cell phone tour, simply follow the instructions in the "How to Use Tour Anytime" section of your brochure.

If you're taking an MP3 tour, just put the file on your MP3 player and you're ready to go.