Create a Tour

How does your community communicate its history, architecture, and famous events to tourists and residents?

  • Do you send them to the library?
  • Do you give walking tours once a year during the town's community days?
  • Do you tell them it happened a long time ago and it's not important now?

Why not do it right?

Gather your resources and create a living record of what makes your community special that can be modified to reflect new findings or artifacts in the future. Whether it's a walking tour through your business district or a collection of oral/video histories from the current town elders, your group can easily research, write a script and develop a walking or driving route that tells and shows what makes your community special. The goal of Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area is to have a Tour Anytime cell phone and/or MP3 tour available for every town in southwestern Pennsylvania that wants to attract more tourists.


The initial and on-going costs to create a Tour Anytime Tour are extremely cost-effective and a large portion of these expenses can be covered by including short advertisements from merchants that will directly benefit from the increased foot traffic.

Grants may also be available for the initial expenses to create the tours.

Contact Us

If your town, chamber of commerce, historical society or economic development committee is interested, call Jeff Leber at 412-464-4020 x35 or send an email to